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Umbrella delivers the tools your team needs

Software that makes you better

Charts without the complexity.
Documents without the bias.
Reports without the hassle.

Our unique software platform provides data transparency and improves document standards, through a clear and simple application that's designed for everyone, not just specialists.

  • Improve staff recruitment and retention: using Umbrella can make your team more representative and diverse by ensuring that adverts and policies are written in a way that works for everyone and doesn't exclude people unintentionally.
  • Improve staff understanding of diversity issues: using Umbrella can help management see problems and intervene, through clear and shareable dashboards that can be updated whenever convenient by your own team.
  • Eliminate time wasted: using Umbrella makes it easier to compile reports with automatic templates for management meetings and Board reports, and has a neat wizard that makes it quick to meet Government requirements for reporting on pay and gender, ethnicity and other criteria.

Your data made powerful

You already have a range of data about who your people are - their pay, location, gender, job listings etc. The Umbrella app lets you upload this data as a simple spreadsheet, and immediately fills your dashboards with up-to-date insights. Dashboards are tailored to your business, giving information and charts you can export to share with the Board, your management team or the whole staff. Templated reports combine multiple metrics and charts for easy export. You now have the power to track progress and easily share information from the C-Suite to the cubicles!

Give your team the tools for success

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Turn the data from your HR and Finance systems into clear, informative charts and metrics so that you and your team can understand your organisation.


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Advanced tools to help your team write better job adverts, with word-level feedback, so you attract better candidates from more diverse backgrounds.


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Generate standard reports for senior management teams to track progress on goals. Quickly calculate and verify your annual statutory gender pay report.


You probably already have a wide range of information about your staff’s gender, pay, location, ethnicity and more. But it’s all trapped in isolated systems in HR and Finance, and can’t be compared and shared. Umbrella brings this data into the light of day, so you can understand your team and benchmark your business against industry and national standards.

Our unique platform absorbs and transforms your data, enriches it, and then extracts and makes visible the insights hiding within. Clear dashboards, charts and progress meters show you who your team really are, and help you compare your performance with your past, your future and your competitors. And we can even help you reduce your carbon footprint, as a partner committed to being socially positive across our business!

The Umbrella app has three key areas, each helping you with one aspect of your diversity work: visualising where you are now; reporting on progress; and analysing how you communicate.

  • Upload standard CSV files with data about pay, gender, ethnicity, location, sexuality and custom categories
  • Dashboards immediately update to show the new information to all team members
  • Secure by design: only the columns to specify are ever uploaded
  • Only summary statistics are ever saved to our servers: the source data is not saved
  • Wide range of clear visualisations to help show how fairly the team are treated
  • Easily share current data on gender pay equality across the organisation
  • See how different characteristics intersect and combine to advantage or disadvantage particular groups
  • Upload job adverts, white papers, policy documents and more
  • Get clear feedback on the quality of the writing
  • Detects gender bias, and ageist, racist, ableist or homophobic language
  • Target specific reading levels to reach the widest audience
  • Ensure readability with international-standardised scores
  • Each document gets an individual scorecard, with overall marks and category breakdown
  • Specific words and phrases highlighted in documents for improvement
  • Track document improvements over time both per-document and over your whole library
  • Add your own words to your organisation's dictionary to avoid jargon
  • Private, secure reports to share information with specific teams
  • Share reports online or export to PDF for inclusion in wider bundles
  • Pre-designed template for UK statutory gender-pay report
  • Does the maths for you, quickly and dependably, based on current Government advice
  • Pre-designed templates for ethnicity pay reports, disability pay reports and more
  • Pre-designed templates for recruitment progress
  • Custom templates available at additional cost, to fit your requirements

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Control in your hands

Umbrella Analytics makes sure your team, and the whole business, knows where they stand and how their colleagues are treated. .

Roll out easily

Umbrella Analytics lives in the cloud, which means there's no software to install or maintain. We provide all the training you'll need to get started. And ongoing support is part of the package. Get comprehensive help, including face-to-face or video training, documentation and in-app chat support for all users. Umbrella Analytics is independent of the recruitment or finance software you use, so can fit into any workflow.

Work together securely

Control access by user and role, and use tags to target reports and dashboards for particular teams. Clearly see how people engage with no need for meetings or email chains. Support your team as they work from home or the office - with their data saved automatically to the cloud. Communicate more effectively, resolve problems earlier and better, and track changes across the life-cycle of your projects.

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