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Data-request policy

How to ask for a copy of any data we hold about you

Umbrella Analytics Ltd procedure for requesting personal data

If you want to request a copy of the personal data that we may hold about you in our systems, this is the procedure we will follow.

Making a request

First, send us a notice in writing (including email) requesting disclosure of the personal information that we may hold on you. Please be as specific as possible about the data that you require and the format in which you would like to receive it. Postal requests should be sent to our registered office at 50 Crown Street, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 1QX, UK.

Our response

We will typically respond within 24 hours of receiving your message to acknowledge the request. We will then attempt to verify that you are entitled to the data (i.e. to make sure we don't give out your information to the wrong person) by sending you a confirmation message using the contact details we may hold on file. As part of this response, we will request a copy of formal ID documents such as a passport, driving licence or national ID card.

Once we have confirmed your identity, we will send you the requested data within seven days, subject to any lawful redactions, provided that it is possible for us to do so. We will attempt to send the data in the format you request, but may provide another similar format if conversion is problematic or likely to introduce errors (e.g. by using a standard generic comma-separate value (CSV) file rather than a particular database format).