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Data confidence

Designed to make you confident

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Become more confident
in your data

For Umbrella, data confidence means two key things.

So we've designed Umbrella from the ground up to deliver on them.

Share data with confidence

We know that data about diversity, equity and inclusion can include some of the most personal data that there is. But understanding and analysing that data is vital to make our workplaces more diverse, equitable and inclusive. So we designed the Umbrella application from the ground up to be respectful and careful with the information our customers share with us.

We can work with a wide range of data, but at its core we are concerned with how people's treatment (primarily their pay) relates to who they are. Organisations can upload spreadsheets of data to the Umbrella application, with each row in the spreadsheet containing information about one person.

Screenshot of a spreadsheet with only the Gender column highlighted

So how do we treat this information?

  1. We only send the particular columns of data you ask us to from your computer to our servers. So, for example, if the spreadsheet includes people's names, that data need never leave your computer.
  2. We don't save the raw data you transmit. The spreadsheet data that is uploaded to our servers is not stored to disk and is deleted from memory once our calculations are done. (Any columns of data you send us accidentally that aren't needed for the calculations will also not be stored or used.)
  3. We only save to our database the calculated statistics about your people - counts, averages, that sort of thing. These statistics tell you about your organisation, not about individuals, which means that our charts and metrics will also only tell you about the organisation and not individuals.

The aim is to provide you with insights into how your organisation treats its people, without endangering or sharing any information about individuals within the organisation.

Understand data with ease

We are big data nerds here at Umbrella. We're passionate about what data can communicate about an organisation - and believe that only data can provide the insights that we need to fix the biases in our workplaces. But we know that not everyone has the skills and confidence to crunch the numbers themself.

We designed the Umbrella application to do the hard work for you. Our aim is to do the hard work so that you can concentrate on what matters: understanding your team and your organisation, and making them more representative and inclusive.

Screenshot of an Umbrella dashboard with metrics and charts displayed

So how do we do that?